Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Shoes

Another tick off the list.

Willie's shoes were an easy find at Pedro just as any other men's would.
Now the ladies heels are more troublesome, especially when we want to match the colour of our dresses/gowns and also our skins and definitely the design~!

We started with the Purple Heels and were really lucky to find a pair at my favourite shoe place: Charles and Keith. It was one of the signature collection hence only available in a few (3 or 4) branches only, and they are mainly left with the display set. We enquired further and managed to reserve the last pair at Marina Square which Willie collected the next day. =)

The white heels were scouted by Willie (yes, again. Love you Baby...). When we (us together with the sisters) went to Anna Nucci today, I set my eyes on the exact pair he chose... ^^ Great taste he possess~ ^^

This pair should go well with the Tea Dress, don't you think? =)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Designer

"We've met up with Adora today. She's really friendly and professional! I love her style and fashion sense, and the way she works with me to attain the blueprint of my dream gown. And she's soooo pretty... ^^ You don't always get an attractive designer eh? Keke..."

Adora will be giving me the blueprint of the gown; I don't keep my dress but at least I keep the blueprint as an additional memoir of my dream dress designed by myself! Can't wait to see the actual gown!! *So excited!*

The Bouquet

I had originally wanted to get a crystal bouquet as Janet recommended: 'You get to keep it for life!'.

Well, though I'm not getting that anymore, I still get to keep my wedding bouquet for life; Willie is going to handmade my bouquet! ^^

Here's the first stalk...

More to come~!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Invitation

Email Invites

Printed Invitaion

This is rather special or would I say abnormal.
To Willie & me, invitation card is totally redundant~!
We are living in an era with modern technology, why do we still have to rely on slow mails?
I know, I know... Due to the formality and traditions, bla bla bla...

SO! We decided to still satisfy the formality; we bought coloured paper and do up a template, and will be printing only for the elder relatives.
Then, I thought... Since we would have to email the rest to save the date, hence I do up an email invitation as well...
They may be of cheap sources but are done full-heartedly. I totally like having lots of handmade for our wedding. =)

Monday, 14 September 2009

The Bridal

I would like to first compliment and congrats myself on having engaged myself with The Husband-to-be.

He is a reliable and loving one, and of course many more complimenting flattery you may fill in yourself.

Having the woe of the possibilities of not having my desired gown, I couldn't sleep well.
Willie - back from his night shift with a mere 2 hours nap - arranged to meet a seamtress in hopes to draft out a design. Vivian taught Willie many jargons on sew work which really benefit Willie's search later on. After lunch, Willie went down to Tanjong Pagar and scouted almost all the bridal boutiques.

They were all surprised to see Willie alone, and that the Groom was the one sourcing for the gown! They expressed envy and ask him to convey to me 'Oh, how fortunate she is!'.

"Yes, I know Honey. Yes, I know." =)

He came back with a list of bridals, and we eventually agreed on the one who gave him the most confidence of making the gown the Jeanie way.
We will be meeting her this Sunday. ;)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Wedding Bands

The Perfect Match

The symbolic token of commitment, loyalty and love.

We went to a few known jewellers and customizing sorts, and we eventually surmise on the pair that captivated us both.

Jewellers would normally not recommend getting a pair as from their experience, either of the pair would not suit the liking or characteristics of either of the couple.

We totally agree on it after trying umpteen pairs of bands. They were either too thick for my finger or too thin for his. And most times it would be too fanciful for him when I find my piece just nice.

But I insist on getting "a pair". I'm unaware where I get this persistent ridicule.
Good things come in pairs, don't they?

We put a request for the order, and would be collecting a week or 2 before The Day. (would post pictures then!) ^^

8th November 2009
Tada~ THE Bands.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Annoucement

We took the chance at my Papa-to-be's birthday dinner to announce the good news.

Papa-to-be and my Mum have both agreed to witness our solemnization... ^^
We shall soon be arranging for the "Meet the In-Laws Session"...

The Venue

We met with Catherine at the Raffles Marina Club House.

It's truly a romantic place to hold a wedding, and so we decided to.

"Willie had always fascinate me with his fantasia descriptions. When I finally get to see the place; he's absolutely right that I'll love it!"

And yes, the solemnization will commence at Sunset; by the sea. =)

The Tea Dress

And since the decision, we started the scouting...
We went from Singapore Brides to many other forums for ideas, contacts and recommendations...

"I'm one that loves my possesions to be customized and preferrably with a personal touch. I already had a gown design in mind years back; it's one of my greatest desire to get married in a gown designed by myself."

I found this site which offer to make your ideal gown. I made an appointment immediately!

I met Felicia today to discuss on my design, and got my tea dress as well which I really like the moment my eyes set on it.

Felicia is really friendly and helpful. I do not have a picture of what I want, merely a doodle or 2 (Willie tried to draw as well... Hahaha!) She googled while I describe, and we somehow managed to compile more information than when I first step into her house. She also has a rack of nice variety of gowns which you can choose from. If I had wanted a white gown, I would have ripped off the beautiful piece on the manequin. I strongly recommend her. ;)

Update Sunday, September 13, 2009:
Her tailors are unable to accommodate to my designs due to the time constraint as it's currently the wedding peak period and they find my designs too complicated... =( (Is it wrong to be too creative? =P)
Still, if you already have a photo of your desired gown, you can bring it to her to replicate at a reasonable low price.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Decision

We've finally decided on the date to be solemnized and wedded: the 20th Novemeber 2009.
It's exactly 2 years earlier from our actual plans, on Willie's birthday.

It's not a rush, no worries. When is the right time to get married? None, really.
We just feel & harmonize it. ;)